Above and Beyond: Bombardier Global 7000 Jet

bombardier global jet

Bespoke business aircraft at 51,000 ft? Welcome to the highly tailored, extra long-range Bombardier Global 7000 jet.

In the Nineties, a KLM advert on London’s byways proclaimed “It’s all business class on this Fokker” – Fokker, of course, referring to the jets flown by Holland’s national carrier. It wasn’t the subtlest of slogans, yet the message hit home. Business class throughout? In those early years of budget airlines and price slashing, where seat allocation had become a form of Russian roulette, KLM’s service had obvious attractions.

By twisting the language of the factory floor, KLM’s ad agency had earned its fee, but its creatives would have been lost for words if they could have glimpsed the future of business travel. When it launches next year, the Bombardier Business Aircraft Global 7000 will be able to fly 8,400 miles at 645mph, with ten passengers and a crew of four. All of a sudden, flights to far-flung places like Singapore, Buenos Aires and Tokyo no longer seem so daunting.

Next Generation Business Aircraft

bespoke luxury jet interior
Bombardier Global 7000 interior

The secret behind the Global 7000’s range is its pair of next-generation General Electric Passport engines with “blisk” technology, developed specifically for Bombardier’s requirements. “One of the benefits of a blisk is enhanced performance,” reveals Mathieu Noël, Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Global 7000 product manager. “The disks and fan blades are a single component, so there’s no leakage of air between the fan blades and core, which typically happens on other engines. And as it’s one piece, there’s less vibration – the separate pieces are no longer moving relative to each other. It’s a step change in performance.”

Inside the Global 7000, the interior is split into four sections and like any
new home, what goes into these rooms is entirely up to the buyer.

“Part of the process is for the customer to select their interior completions,” explains Tim Fagan, manager of industrial design at Bombardier Business Aircraft. “There’s a huge range of variability – it’s an aircraft that’s tailored for an individual. We offer staterooms, beds, entertainment zones, large screens with surround sound and areas for group dining. Customers can personalise their aircraft to suit their particular needs.”

As part of the Global 7000’s development process, Bombardier’s upholstery team visited the factories of high-end European car manufacturers to better understand the use of lightweight exotic-wood veneers and hand-woven silk and wool. “That high-level automotive finish is something that we’re aiming for because the analogy is strong – our customers drive these vehicles,” adds Fagan. “They’re a very relevant benchmark for the quality of our product.”

bombardier global 7000 jet
Luxurious interior of the Bombardier 7000 Jet

Aimed at global leaders and ultra-high network individuals, a £47m price tag might preclude most business travellers, but for those whose lives are spent on the move, the Global 7000 is here to take the sting out of continent hopping.

Games room, personal office, oversized bed? The sky’s the limit.

Bombardier Global 7000, available 2016, businessaircraft.bombardier.com