London Cocktail Time: Archer Street

Archer Street Cocktail Bar

Archer Street is not merely a street in Soho, London’s central entertainment district. It’s also the name of a charming bar that happens to be, yes, on that very same street.

Situated over three floors (the basement is a ski themed “Piste Bar”), Archer Street has a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere that lifted our moods as we settled in.  The music was tastefully curated and the main room features soothing soft brown tones and dimmed lights.

One knows a place is worth one’s time when you are immediately acknowledged and greeted in a friendly manner.

With a wide-ranging cocktail menu decisions are never easy. As I couldn’t decide, I asked the waiter if the bartender could make something of his choice but “not too sweet.”

While we waited for our cocktails an unexpected thing happened. The charming waiter who looked after us suddenly took out a microphone and began to sing. After his performance, another waiter would sing and then they would switch.

Normally, singing waiters would not be welcomed, but it turns out they are professional and passionate singers with real talent and we were happily engaged by their impromptu performance.

The drinks arrived and were spot on. Mine consisted of about eight ingredients and was easy to drink. Maybe too easy. I ordered a second one. Like many bars in London, Archer Street offers a charcuterie and cheese platter, but like the drinks, the quality was of a very high calibre.

The Archer Street Cocktail Lounge Bar will look after you well.  Just make sure you look smart casual; it is a sophisticated bar after all!

3-4 Archer Street
London W1D 7AP
Tel: 0207 734 3342