QP LDN: London’s Best Italian Restaurant

QP LDN is a luxury Italian restaurant in Mayfair London

When I arrive at QP LDN, it is with great excitement. As a lover of proper Italian cuisine, I had long wanted to visit the two Michelin-starred flagship restaurant, Quattro Passi, in Nerano, on the glorious Amalfi Coast.

But now I don’t have to. Opened last September on Mayfair’s trendy Dover Street, QP LDN  was a bold move from its owner, Antonio Mellino.

Luxury Italian Cuisine in Mayfair

After all, Mayfair is certainly not lacking restaurants that proffer the finest dishes in London. Nonetheless, Mellino’s mission was to introduce Londoners to true, no limits Italian fine dining, and where better than Mayfair?

So here I am, being shown to my seat, eagerly anticipating  the taste of the Amalfi Coast. I am not disappointed. Beginning with the Burrata Pugliese, Rucola, Pomodorini, a traditional burrata with a rocket and cherry tomato salad.

I’ve eaten numerous burratas over the years and  QP’s is a standout. You see, the key to burrata is freshness. Combined with the highest quality creams and mozzarella, it is a lengthy process, and one that is easily foiled.

And without the right tomatoes or olive oil the dish can be ruined. QP LDN, I’m happy to say, delivers theirs to perfection, and I would urge everyone who visits to try it.

QP LDN Sources the Freshest FOod Possible

Moving onto the mains, I went for the Spaghetti All’Astice (spaghetti with lobster and cherry tomatoes). A shellfish aficionado, I’m always excited to taste lobster.

There are a seemingly endless number of ways to prepare it, and in my view, any restaurant offering their own take on a lobster dish is worth trying. Again, I’m not let down by the quality of this dish which is succulent, and bursting with flavour.

Finished with a tomato sauce, the spaghetti is rich and wholesome, and the lobster cooked to perfection.  All too often lobster and spaghetti is finished with a cream-based sauce, but the simplicity of the cherry tomatoes helped to liven the flavour of the lobster – sublime.

With the main course out of the way, I was keen to tackle the famed Gelato Al Pistachio (homemade pistachio ice-cream), which uses only the highest grade Sicilian Bronte pistachios.

When ordering this, bear in mind that it takes 15 minutes to prepare, and will cost you a cool £40.00 for the table to share, but it is undeniably worth it. As far as ice cream goes, this is undoubtedly on another level.

A contemporary and relaxed high end environment

In addition to the food itself, I suppose what also makes QP LDN so refined is its design; highly contemporary yet subtly relaxed. There’s the odd splash of colour, just the right amount of modern artwork, and enough delicate lighting to let you know that you’re in a very high-end restaurant.

For when London does eventually let the sun shine, you can enjoy your meal al fresco on the outdoor terrace, and for your aperitif, the QP LDN Lounge boasts a range of sublime cocktails, with live entertainment and a vibrant cosmopolitan feel.

QP LDN, 34 Dover Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4NG

+44 (0) 20 3096 1444



MAN LONDON was a guest of QP LND for the purposes of this article.