The Franklin Restaurant: Italian Fine Dining in London

The Franklin restaurant pulls out all the stops when it comes to high-end boutique hotel dining. 

Situated inside the luxury Franklin Hotel, owned and managed by the Italian Star Hotels organisation, the restaurant is overseen by Michelin-starred Chef Alfredo Russo and perfectly balances Italian fine dining with simplicity and sophistication. 

The Franklin Restaurant in London is Pure 5 Star Elegance

The luxurious interior of The Franklin is sumptuous, generously candlelit and feels a bit like an elegantly wasted louche rocker’s dining room. And why not? The hotel was designed by Anoushka Hempel who created the bohemian, decadent masterpiece, Blake’s Hotel in 1978. 

If restaurants are another form of theatre, our Portuguese waiter was a character out of Central Casting with a long pedigree in the luxury cruise ship trade. He expounded on each dish’s detail with pride and flair.

First up, the amuse bouche which was an eclectic mix of pistachio and anchovy – off to a good start. 

Italian Simplicity & Sophistication

Our next dish, Tartuccio, was a beautiful light parmesan foam-dome lined with delicate, rare sliced beef and decorated with rocket leaves – a brief yet totally enjoyable mouthful of delight.

Just after the last swallow of the Tartuccio we were presented with Scallop Carpaccio — thinly sliced, fresh and succulent. Where is this going? 

Cacio e Pepe was a portion of long, home made macaroni pasta with a creamy egg sauce with powdered black pepper and dusted in a ring shape along the brim of the plate.

Inevitably, the black pepper became mixed with the rest of the dish giving the creamy carbonara-style pasta a lovely peppery heat that enhaced the rich flavour of the creamy egg sauce.

Chef Afredo Russo is Not Afraid to Take Chances

Fassona al Tartufo (fillet beef) consisted of sliced Italian-Tuscan reared beef along with an unusual collection of potatoes – some super crispy, some roasted, some boiled – with a generous helping of sliced truffle, too.) 

If the chef had mentioned in advance his theory of the the wild, mixed potato styles it would have sounded odd, but this worked wonderfully and it’s nice to be surprised with delicious experimental cooking. 

Desert: Crema Caramellata (berries and crème brûlée style burnt cream) was served in a glass with fresh cold berries and light cream. Luscious and perfect with espresso. 

What more do you need? 

The Franklin Restaurant

24 Egerton Gardens
SW3 2DB Knightsbridge

+44 (0)20 7584 5533