Best Goddamn Steak in the World: The World’s End Market

The World's End Market in London makes the world's best steak.

World’s Best Steak

When you hear “Best goddamn Steak in the World” you imagine eager PR people literally ‘beefing’ up their restaurant clients with a flippant phrase for the easily persuaded. “The Best”, “The Only”, “The First”, “The Last”….in the end, it’s all bullsh*t. 

I may be a journalist, but I’m certainly not a chump. Rarely is something the ‘best’, the ‘only’ or the ‘last’. Not to be too cynical, but the moment someone tells you, admiringly, you are “one in a million,” the compliment has instantly been devalued —  there are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world and really, nobody is that special. 

So back to my beef with this statement, “best goddamn steak in the world.” When I heard through a friend that he had recently tasted what he believed was the best steak in the world I was suspicious, of course.

Who actually invents idiot terms like ‘World’s Best Steak’?

Did a 23-year old blogger from Michigan on Buzzfeed make a list of her favourite steak restaurants? The point here is not just the absurdity of the phrase but the claim that anybody could actually cook a piece of cow flesh so juicy and tantalising that it would blow away any and all competition.

Who would be so ‘bullish’ as to claim this meaty title? What sort of naive chucklehead would even put stock into this outrageous statement?

Even more bizarre is the fact that I received the heads up from The World’s End Market: a Chelsea-based restaurant founded by two business partners, Anatoly Parkhomchuck and Sergey Men.

The world's best steak may be found at the world's end market in chelsea london.
On the Plate at the World’s End Market

The story is rare but it gets juicier with every bite. The owners stocked British beef from local farmers which was certainly good enough, but then a Netflix documentary changed the course of their lives.

Sergey watched the documentary, Steak (R)evolution” where a man journeyed all over the world to find the most delicious oxen ever to be reared.

From Argentina, America, France, etc., the protagonist found his way to a tiny little restaurant and farm two hours north of Madrid in Spain. This was the Eureka moment: the meat connoisseur had found his Holy Grail!

World’s Best steak originally discovered in spain

José Gordon, the chef of El Capricho was crowned the chef who cooked the best steak in the world and the Netflix fame ensued reaching all the way to a Chelsea-based restaurant owner in England.

Sergey watched the documentary and flew to the Spanish restaurant where José Gordon reigned and shadowed him for a week in glorious awe. He learned the high quality and detailed process — the meat is dry-aged individually to ensure the most succulent and flavoursome finish.

He learned the secrets of preparation, moisture control, proper seasoning and pan cooking techniques in order to create the best taste, texture and experience.

After a lot of persuasion, the Spaniard was convinced to fly to London to visit the World’s End Market to host a couple VIP dinner parties. He brought along his own meat.

The Spanish chef and London-based restaurant owners made a deal for The World’s End Market to stock the exclusive beef — it’s only available at this restaurant anywhere in  England — and to hire a couple of El Capricho’s staff to teach the others to prepare it properly.

world’s best steak now in london, uk

On The World’s End Market menu you will now find Carpaccio from the Entrecôte which is matured for 180 days in high-quality olive oil, flank steak from the Vacio de Buey, and cured premium xx of the Cecina de Buey variety.

Or how about Chuleta de Buey bone-in-rib eye premium ox steak, 100 days matured or Cecina de Buey 3 years cured Premium ox leg? 

And so I went. After all, I did not need to take a train, plane or automobile to taste a piece of steak. My conclusion? Yes. This is, in fact, the best goddamn steak in the world (along with Chef Gordon’s at El Capricho). ML

The World’s End Market:

Writer Tammy Gordon is no relation to chef Gordon.