Grooming: Updates on Botox, Fragrances & Gear to look Good

male grroming

Man up with a flower fragrance

floral fragrances for menThere should be no gender divide when it comes to wearing sensuous, head-turning floral scents.

Almost all fragrances contain floral notes. Old perfume companies such as Santa Maria Novella (a pharmacy since 1221 and a perfumers since 1612) or Penhaligon’s, for example, would never claim their scents to be gender-specific because each one can appeal to all.

GARDEN FRESH – 1. Velvet Rose & Oud by Jo Malone, £100, 2. Black Orchid by Tom Ford, from £52, 3. Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle, from £40, 4. Penhaligon Scent Library, £16,

The company’s oldest fragrances are often intense, single floral tributes: for £16 you can sample ten, including orange blossom and iris, in a smart box. There is nothing exclusively feminine about rose, bluebell or lily. Tom Ford’s strident and exotic floral fragrances such as Black Orchid can certainly find a place in a gentleman’s bathroom cabinet. Distinctive Arabian Oud, with its deep, rich notes of rose, may be too heavy for some but the essence of choice for others.

Perfumers today are unapologetic about their use of top flower notes in their male fragrances. In Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose and Oud, the floral essences are balanced by grounding woody notes, while Dior Homme, features iris, lavender, sage and bergamot. Carnal Flower, by Frederic Malle, with its hints of melon and jasmine, is heady indeed and also contains tuberose, a flower that seems to suggest the sweetness of decay.

The sweet smell of success

floris men's productsPedigrees in men’s grooming don’t come much finer than Floris.

As England’s oldest perfumers, founded in 1730, Floris supplies elegant and timeless fragrances. Visit the purposefully shadowy Jermyn Street boutique and you’ll find the staff knowledgeable and affable, making sure that anything you buy is ribboned and bagged in the legendary dark blue and gold bags. There is something rather reassuring in trusting a company that has been producing the same natural fragrances since the reign of George I.

The range of shaving accoutrements is impressive, too, with, for example,
a shaving set made of handmade briar wood, a 24ct-gold-plate stand and the finest badger shaving brush – a focal point for the most discerning bathroom, and which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Gold Standard 1. Elite EDT, from £55; 2. Shaving Set, £492.

Between the lines

botox - grooming for menWith Botox no longer the sole preserve of ’er indoors, we’re rapidly
bidding farewell to the marks of a life well lived.

Botox for men is proving to be increasingly popular. In the past decade, according to a study in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of American men choosing Botox has risen by 258 per cent.

Botox (botulinum toxin) is delivered by injection in an attempt to minimise lines and wrinkles – typically on the forehead (the “elevens”), crow’s feet, and “bunny lines” – around the nose. Many men regard the procedure as part of their grooming regime and factor it in as and when needed (every few months, usually), alongside the less dramatic regular purchases of moisturisers and exfoliating products.

But what starts as a desire to tackle a few frown lines could become a time-consuming habit.

Of course, your lines are part of your character and your personal history, each one, perhaps precious in its own way; a marker of your identity. On the other hand, with Botox you can rewrite it and attempt deliberate fiction. The choice really is yours.

Foot patrol

grooming tools - nail clippersAvoid the summer sandal walk of shame by setting aside some time for a simple pedicure routine.

Possibly the most neglected part of the body is that which spends all winter in socks. But there is no need to splurge on effective treatments to keep feet sweet. A straightforward routine might be to consider a weekly foot soak and to apply moisturising creams after gym sessions, where the treadmill can be particularly harsh on heels, resulting in cracked skin. Products for feet are widely available from outlets such as Kiehl’s, while The Body Shop offers several reasonably priced creams and lotions.

It is also an idea to invest in a decent set of pedicure implements including nail clippers. Simply moisturising daily with a gentle cream, such as E45, will offer immediate and effective relief. Make it a regular routine and you’ll remove your socks with confidence.

Device squad

nose and ear trimmerHow to look ten years younger with the flick of a switch.

The two areas of the body that continue to grow with age are the nose and the ears.

A shame really, when some may indeed want other areas to be so reliable. Ear hair is never attractive and if left to sprout, can become an unfortunate focal point for your face. Out with them! Ask your barber for a trim or invest in a DIY option. Try the Philips Nose And Ear Trimmer, a bargain at £7.99, or the Groom Mate Platinum XI, £14.95. Both are available on
the high street.

Taliare: elegant clothes for gentlemen

Erlend NorbyTucked away in Seymour Place is a real find for the sartorially curious gent.

Norwegian-born cutter Erlend Norby’s calm manner, enthusiasm and charm will put anyone at ease – from the first-time suit hunter to the seasoned dandy. Made-to-measure suiting starts at £595, with a fully bespoke coat and trousers costing around £2,200.