Luxury Fragrances: The Summer of ’16

Men's Summer Fragrance

Luxury fragrances for men are polarised this summer – there has been a big animalic trend – think big, hairy-chested scents – the new Frederic Malle, MONSIEUR for example. Another is Regent Leather from Thameen and Mon Cuir from Ramon Monegal – hot leather, civet and castoreum( cat glands and beaver bottom respectively).

We love this turnaround – previously, reported by Robin Dutt last summer, and quite rightly noted, men had been flirting with flowers, however, now it’s time to rediscover the international playboy within and choose something manly!

Luxury fragrances Boston Ivy
Boston Ivy by D.S. & Durga

Despite the above statement and, conversely, there is also a massive GREEN trend coming through for men in the luxury fragrances market – the scent of the snapped stem – fresh and sharp and clean. We believe that this is a response to some of the huge fragrances on the market that enter the room before you do. While these may be fantastic they are not always practical, i,e, they are too big to wear to the office etc.

Boston Ivy by D.S. & Durga, a new scent called Apsu from Ulrich Lang, Green Pearl from Thameen and a new twist on a classic from Caron – Pour Un Homme de Caron Sport all lionise green ingredients. These can be natural – like artemisia and labdanum or molecules (made in a lab) that capture an image of the natural world – green leaves, etc.

Luxury Fragrances by Frederic Malle
MONSIEUR by Frederic Malle

Never Buy After Only a Whiff of the Top Note

The most important thing is to first try on any fragrance and let it develop on your skin for an hour or two before purchasing. The first ‘top note’ blast you smell in the shop is never the same as the longer lasting ‘bass note’ that develops with your particular body chemistry over time.

Finally, the wonderful Carthusia fragrance house has just opened a barbershop on Capri and is launching a range of handmade olive wood shaving accessories, creams and balms to round out the range. ML