Preventicum: Luxury Health Check-Up in West London

The Preventicum ultimate health check-up is the best in the world.

It may be one of the biggest trends you’ve never heard of: the ultimate health check-up. Extremely precise and at a cool  £3,600, however, it’s not for everybody.

That said,  Preventicum’s Ultimate Health Check-Up IS for anybody who wants, perhaps, the most detailed physical health evaluation on the planet.

A Health Check-Up for the World’s Elite

At this level the typical Preventicum client is likely to be a senior corporate executive, professional athlete, film or rock star and then the rest of us who just want to know more about how we tick.

“When a FTSE 100 company hires a CEO, a film star is insured for millions in the making of a big budget movie or a pro footballer is about to get signed, it’s beyond just the client wanting to know if they are in good health,” said Preventicum’s medical director, Dr Gary Savin.

Senior Executive Roles Require Health Due Diligence

“When big money is at stake, decision makers need to know that the people they are investing in are in good physical health and will be able to perform at the high levels expected,” Savin said. 

The Preventicum ultimate health check-up is the best in the world.
Into the MRI.

“You simply cannot get this level of anatomical detail from a typical ‘old school’ medical,” said Savin.

That said, corporates, athletes and film stars are only one part of the trend in detailed health evaluations.

We Now Read About Health Everyday

The explosion in health journalism over the past 10 years, bringing a constant stream of statistics, studies and general health news,  has created a huge appetite for the rest of us.

We simply want to make sure we are not in for any nasty surprises. At 59 I’ve made an effort to look after myself and rarely visited a doctor over the past 15 years. Wasn’t it about time to get some perspective on my overall health?

Preventicum’s Five Hour Testing Program

Checking into the typical five hour session at Preventicum is not unlike

The Preventicum health check up is the best in the world.
A lounge area at Preventicum.

visiting a deluxe hotel. You are swiftly led from reception to a private suite similar to a luxury hotel room.

After a change into loose fitting clothes, you are discreetly shuttled from one exam to the next. Here is the program included in the Ultimate Health Check:

  • One-to-one consultation with a Preventicum doctor lasting approximately 40 minutes
  • Detailed physical examination with a Preventicum doctor
  • Vital Observations
  • Over 40 blood tests and urinalysis test.
  • Hearing test
  • Tonometry (Glaucoma/eye test)
  • Resting and exercise ECG
  • Spirometry(lung function test)
  • Ultrasound Examinations
  • Body Composition Analyser
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scans)
  • Results consultation with Preventicum Radiologist
  • Same day results consultation with Preventicum doctor.
  • Full written report with personalized trend analysis within 12 working days

Phew! The good news is after all that my only real problem seemed to be a slight Vitamin D deficiency. Typical in sun starved Britain. It was also great to get all my results on the same day. I sat with with the radiologist as we reviewed my brain, heart, central arteries and organs of my abdomen and pelvis.

The Ultimate Health Check-Up Has Saved Lives

But it could have been far worse. Dr Savin told me a chilling story about a patient who seemed perfectly fine, but after the tests was discovered to have a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

The Preventicum ultimate health check-up is the best in the world.
You gotta have heart.

“Luckily we caught it in the very early stages when he could still get treatment and beat the disease. Without the visuals from the MRI scans it’s possible the patient would not have known about his cancer until it was too late,” said Savin.

So, basically, the visit to Preventicum ended up saving the fellow’s life.

“We are like detectives,” said Savin. “We are looking at the whole crime scene and not just one finger print. This is the only way to get a true picture of a patient’s overall health profile,” said Savin whose passion is disease prevention having trained as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London and qualifying in 1989. ML

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The Ultimate Health Check-Up

Jay Portman was a guest of Preventicum.