Torque of The Town: The McLaren P1 GTR Revisited

mclaren p1 gtr racing car

With the P1 GTR and 570S, McLaren is giving petrolheads what they really want – more hard cars.

In the supercar hall of fame, one standout character is the McLaren F1. Its poster-worthy looks, record-breaking speed and central driver’s seat made it instantly iconic. A brand more known for its Formula 1 racing launched its first road car in 1998 with a price tag of £540,000 – setting the pace damn fast.

McLaren celebrated its 50th birthday two years ago, then, in 2015, revealed a pair of contrasting cars that have come to form its new look. For the first time, McLaren is fielding an “affordable” option, the 570S. For £144K, you get 570bhp and a TFT instrument cluster that lets you toggle between track and everyday driving set-ups. The dihedral doors are pure theatre, but there’s storage space and more room for limbs.

Then there’s the P1 GTR, a hardened hybrid that can only be driven on track, yet costs £1.98m.

It’s billed as “the closest you’ll get to Formula 1” and its makers call it “unshackled”. Forget boot space; when you have racing slicks, an invitation to drive on world-class circuits and lessons from pros in the bundle, there’s no reason to feel cheated.