Marylebone Café Visit: The Borough Barista

Borough Barista Café Marylebone

The Borough Barista is a neighborhood café in the Portman Village section of Marylebone that is both likeable but also maddeningly dislikeable at the same time. The main attraction is the coffee and features high quality beans that are roasted by the company in their own facilities.

You will definitely enjoy the coffee here.

The bad news is you will not want to eat food at the Borough Barista; the sandwiches, cakes, baked goods, etc. on offer are displayed on the counter in close proximity to where punters wait in the queue to order their coffee and it seems a rather unhygienic arrangement (unless you fancy strangers breathing on your food…or worse).

If you do opt for food it’s generally lower grade stuff. Yes, it’s edible, but it wouldn’t be your first choice and the Borough Barista would do well to change suppliers at their earliest convenience. It’s a shame to see such a nice little café let down by such terrible baked good, etc.

Bottom line: a lovely place to stop in for a coffee which is great (!) and ONLY a coffee. ML

PORTMAN VILLAGE 60 seymour street W1H7JN

ST JAMES, 15 Charles II street SW1Y4QU