Interview: Anne-Marie Martinez on Opening STK Ibiza

Anne-Marie Martinez

Launched just this past July, the STK Ibiza (Hotel Corso) outpost of the well known international steakhouse brand has had a tremendous first season on the island and maintains their well known ethos of the “big night out.”

With successful locations already in over 20 major cities including London, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and Chicago it was only a matter of time before STK realised it was time to capitalise on the never ending party scene that is Ibiza.

Enter lifestyle marketing guru and global brand strategist, Anne-Marie Martinez, STK’s secret weapon in helping to introduce the successful STK Ibiza. With a contact database heavy on A-listers, and having launched and represented major brands, produced as well as hosted events internationally, Martinez’s lifestyle marketing company is now well-known as a “go to” lifestyle marketing advisor.

What attracted you most to take on the STK Ibiza project?

STK Ibiza is top destination in Ibisa
A view of STK’s dining room in Ibiza

It was a natural fit; being a native New Yorker of Latino descent and having worked with the founders of STK in 2011 and lived in Ibiza Spain 12 years ago how could I not. I could not have asked for a better scenario.

Where are you from and how has your upbringing, parents, and childhood shaped you into becoming a global lifestyle consultant?

I grew up in Queens New York the melting pot of internationals where every train stop leads you on a new journey to a different country.

My dad is Colombian and moved to New York for a better life in the early 70’s and my mom is an Italian Irish American from Brooklyn. My upbringing was confusing but also natural.

Your Spanish Skills Were No Doubt Useful with STK Ibiza?

Spanish was my first language and although my Irish grandmother could not understand me as a toddler we still kept traditions alive. Sundays were about Colombian breakfast and dinner was always about pasta. But growing up in a half Latino half Italian community made it challenging as the two did not mix.

I had to be a different person whenever I was around either one of the two making it quite fun as I got to enjoy the best of both worlds. The funny thing is I knew from a young age how to make other comfortable by speaking their “language” being relatable and adapting to environments. Much like I do in my everyday life today.

What kind of personalities do you deal with in the global hospitality world?

Every kind. From the laborers to the executives and creatives I find that the same characteristics exist everywhere around the world. Only difference is some have a different accent or skin color.

How do you define yourself as a consultant and what would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

I rather use words like advisor, specialist, strategist or expert. When it comes to work I want to have an emotional connect to the brands. This is how I bring my greatest work to life.

That may be a weakness to some but at least I know I am doing something with passion. It wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t. Strengths, I have the ability to connect on any level. It’s called emotional intelligence. I think we all have it.

What is the toughest project you have ever worked on?

Myself! Still working…

How did your challenges shape you into how you deal with these global millionaires and billionaires?

I have much tougher skin today therefore not taking things personally and understanding that not everyone is the same. If you treat yourself with respect you will get that in return.

I don’t want to stereotype someone for what is his or her bank account. At the end of the day, no money in the world can buy class. You either have it or you don’t.

What inspires you to help create fantastic stand out brands?

My inspiration comes from my love affair with art and entertainment and being able integrate those into brand concepts and event activations. Creating memorable experiences that leave the audience committed to the brand using back to basic antics.

What would you say are your proudest moments as a lifestyle consultant?

When I received flowers from Queen Latifah thanking me for an amazing event that I did for her movie ‘Do the Right Thing” also starring Common.

I’m all about the iconic artists I grew up watching and listening to — the ones who come from where I do and have also ended up where I am.   We can understand each other in many languages. Therefore the recognition means “I See you”

Which celebrities have your worked with or rubbed shoulders with?

Quite a handful. I began working around celebrities at the age of 18 so from iconic rap stars like NAS, to Kim Kardashian when she was the face of a vodka campaign to Robert Kennedy for a fundraising event.  The list is long but and I hate name dropping so I won’t

What inspires you to get into philanthropy and what types of philanthropic ventures are you involved with and why?

I think my soul has always craved something deeper knowing that my work is a means to a way to do something bigger. Every year during the holidays I spend my time volunteering.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do my best to educate myself on global social and economic well being. Well “being” is KEY word. How can we become better in any way if we are not right in our mind, body and soul?

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