Pashley Speed 5 – Hybrid Classic Bike

Pashley Bicycles are a luxury handmade bike from the United Kingdom, UK.

No one can argue with a bicycle. They get you from A to B faster than a taxi, get you fit and when you turn up for a morning meeting you are, instead of fighting off a fog inherited from the night before, exercised, refreshed and raring to go.

The cream of the  bicycles on offer at present is the, Pashley Speed 5  – Hybrid Classic Bike.  Handmade in Stratford-On-Avon by Pashley (a company that have made bikes for over eighty years) the Speed 5 is a hybrid machine that any London chap would be proud to own.The Reynolds steel frame is hand built in the same factory that the company has used for almost century, the Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub gears deliver reliable smooth as silk gear shifting and requires minimal maintenance while the Brooks leather swift saddle will not give you cause for concern even on the longest journey.

An incredibly beautiful machine, the Pashley features brass-plated lugs, fat black tyres, handlebar tape by Brooks while the Sturmey brake system is as good as it gets.

According to Pashley this “Speed 5 is our tribute to the heyday of gentlemanly British cycle racing. This was a time when riders would come together in the noble pursuit of record-breaking times with only the satisfaction and thrill of success for reward. It embodies all that was great about this era, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of these men in your own exciting cycling endeavours.”

Indeed, the colour scheme in green and gold harks back to those days, as does the frame-mounted number plate. Every Speed 5 is meticulously constructed from fabled Reynolds 531 steel by devoted craftsmen who go out of their way to produce a bicycle that will last a lifetime, look extremely stylish and be a joy to ride .

The Speed 5 is one very nice bike so be sure to buy the best lock money can buy.

RRP: £1100