Asher Grant: The King of REIGN

Asher Grant, a youthful 31 year old entrepreneur sporting slick workout attire, meets me at the Hotel Café Royal. His relaxed confidence is partnered with British charm as he politely orders a fresh lemon juice and hot water from a nearby waitress on this crisp London morning.

It is no surprise that Asher’s charisma and courteous nature is what helped him become a co-founder of one of London’s most exclusive venues- The London REIGN.

Asher started his career at Harrods as a perfume sprayer (Tom Ford’s F***ing Fabulous anyone?). Spotted in the perfume section, he was offered a table waiter position in a fancy club where he met some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the city.

Asher Grant Has a Powerful Little Black Book

Of course, they became Asher’s mates. It was through these connections at Whisky Mist, DSTRKT and DRAMA that he established the most enviable little black book in London, full of celebrity contacts and high rollers.

If you want to discreetly brush past celebrities in London where it is totally ordinary for flying aerialists and fire dancers to deliver champagne bottles from the ceiling, take a trip to The London REIGN.

A Club Owner with Environmental Credentials

A quirky fact is that, Charterhouse Aquatic, the conservation company for the London Aquarium, also takes care of the jellyfish that greet you upon arrival at REIGN.

A keen environmentalist, Asher has a secret new grab-and-go eatery in the works where he is banning single use plastics and instead using combustible plant packaging for a cleaner world. Co-founded with his New York business partner, Laurent Manuel, Ashers’s new food concept will launch Summer 2020.