Meet Charlie Weaving: Venture Capital Lifestyle Investor

Charlie Weaving is a venture capitalist specialising in lifestyle and night life.

In 10 years Charlie Weaving has gone from modelling contracts with Diesel and fashion legend Jean Claude Gaultier to becoming managing partner of Dubai-based Foxhole Holdings, a private equity lifestyle investment firm.

It’s a trajectory that is not unfamiliar in the world of young nightlife entrepreneurs. It goes something like this: at 16 Weaving leaves the security of his parent’s Yorkshire-based hotel and moves to London.

From Yorkshire to London

Living in a hostel, Weaving earns his keep by handing out fliers for night clubs in Covent Garden. In short order, Weaving is working the door at clubs in Soho where he is tasked with choosing the hottest girls and guys for entry.

Moving up in the doorman ranks, Weaving eventually becomes the ‘go to’ guy helping major celebrities of the day (Madonna, Posh Spice) avoid the swarming paparazzi.

Charlie Weaving is discovered by A Model Agency

It’s at this point that Weaving is scouted as a model where he is eventually signed to the Storm agency (Kate Moss’ agency of record) and books major brand gigs.

As if this weren’t enough, Weaving opens his own nightclubs in the north of England whilst continuing to travel the world as a successful model.

Naturally, a BBC documentary about Weaving’s life is produced for a segment on the Inside Out programme.

All roads lead to Dubai

This all leads Weaving to Dubai where, again, he is at the right place at the right time and he continues his wheeling and dealing.

“My first serious Dubai project was to open a hotel and night club for a private family.  Then I moved to the AMZ group – a big night style group. After that I went to another one, the Cavalli Group in Dubai,” said Weaving.

Eventually, Weaving falls in with a Dubai crew of like-minded, young and experienced entrepreneurs. They join up to create Foxhole Holdings and it’s been a full-on upwards trajectory ever since.

Foxhole Holdings is a major player in lifestyle venture capital

Now 34, Charlie’s group, Foxhole Holdings, has interests in wide range of international restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and even a luxury nail spa. 

Some of the brands include STK Ibiza, Ocean Beach Club Ibiza, and Toy Room in London. There’s also a Raddison hotel in India. 

Currently in the works is a 120 table super club in Dubai, which promises to take nightlife in the Emirati city to a whole new level. 

What Criteria does Foxhole Holdings use to Launch New projects? 

“We’re slightly different. Most private equity guys go deep into numbers, etc. we don’t really do that. We invest more based on our feelings;  we try to invest in things that we know a little bit about but we try to invest in things generally that work with our current portfolio,” Weaving said.

Is it Risky to Take such a Gut-Based Approach to Investing?

“When it comes to lifestyle it’s 8 out of 10 winners. When it’s other areas it’s not as strong but we learn from our mistakes and we move ahead quickly,” said Weaving.

“Sure, we’ve had overruns on projects and things take longer to come around but we usually do come around,” said Weaving. 

What’s the Bottom Line on All of This? 

“We try to be very strategic wherever we are in the world and we’re not greedy. We look for great local partners. I’m on a plane 200k miles per year,” said Weaving.