Copenhagen: Two Top Hotels

In a city renowned for its beautiful doors,  the glass entrance of the palatial Hotel D’Angleterre is an excellent place to start.

Situated on the King’s Square, just across from Copenhagen’s picturesque harbour, the D’Angleterre exudes luxury and good taste. The hotel could easily be mistaken by unwitting tourists for one of its neighbours, the Christiansborg, Amalienborg or Rosenborg Castles.

Why? Because guests are treated like royalty where they can enjoy the city’s sites from above the bustle of its cobbled streets.

Steeped in tradition, the D’Angleterre has been an opulent icon of hospitality for over two centuries, and judging by its recent renovations, shows no intention of slowing down.

Looking beyond the pristine, classical exterior the D’Angleterre’s interior is a soothing sight for travelled eyes, graced with Nordic greys and lush purples.

My welcome from the hotel staff was cordial with complimentary champagne, fresh roses and handmade chocolates as a birthday gesture.

For those seeking relaxation and restoration, the property’s decadent “Amazing Space” offers a pool, steam room, sauna and treatment rooms in dimmed lighting. The gym is intimate, but spacious enough to cover all the bases.

Hotel D’Angleterre’s chic sauna

In keeping with Copenhagen’s reputation for fine dining, the D’Angleterre also has a number of restaurants. Start your evening at Michelin-awarded Marchal, sampling Nordic cuisine with “a classic French twist.”

End the night at Balthazar, D’Angleterre’s champagne bar, whose menu features over 200 champagnes.

Open until 2am, it is Copenhagen’s place to be between Wednesdays and Saturdays. As a guest, you have access via the spa corridor – there truly is no need to ever leave the haven of Hotel D’Angleterre.

If you’re looking for more unconventional lodgings, head south of the pedestrian street to Nimb, the hotel with a Moorish façade inside the Tivoli gardens.

Where D’Angleterre offers a welcome escape from everyday life, Nimb’s home away from home ethos immerses guests in their best imagined everyday life.

Copenhagen’s Nimb Hotel

The Nimb experience can only be described as providing hospitality for the pure joy of it,  complete with handwritten notes from the hotel manager, Maria, a peacock feather placed at the top of the bed should you desire fresh sheets,  simply “dial 2” for Sticks N Sushi to the room…

Nimb accommodates, and loves to do so. I was asked, not once, but three times during my stay, whether I had any special requests.  Camilla, who gave us a tour suggested “live music on your balcony or a private BBQ, perhaps?”

This enthusiasm to personalise the experience brings Nimb a rotation of clients who return to Copenhagen to make themselves at home in the executive suites.

Nimb hotel rooftop pool

Aesthetically, Nimb is a deft hybrid of old and new. Handpicked by the hotel decorator, René, authentic Asian wares populate each mini-bachelor pad.

Of particular note are the stunning Chinese apothecary cabinets. The dark woods and lacquered surfaces contribute to a broody, masculine look, and yet Nimb is full of life.

From its balcony flower gardens, the suites’ fiddle-leaf figs, the live plant wall in the spa’s relaxation room and the profusion of orchids around the hotel, the jungle of Nimb facilitates complete and total escapism.

The gym is reminiscent of high-end London gyms, and is kitted out with weights, a cross-fit room and a hot hypoxic chamber.

Membership includes access to their heated rooftop pool, one of Copenhagen’s summer hotspots, offering panoramic views and themed evening events.

With its culinary origins, it is to be expected that Nimb offers a great menu of restaurants to choose from including their French Brasserie, smørrebrød restaurant, Fru Nimb, and garden restaurant, Gemyse, originally the Tivoli smoking house.

In winter, their Vinotek offers guests one of the best selections of first growths and other exceptionally rare and excellent vintages.

The underground cellar is grand but still with a touch of quintessential Danish hygge about it. Here, dark secrets will be shared over the world’s finest wines.

But even in summertime, when Vinotek closes its doors to the public, the off-menu wines that its regulars have come to expect are still available.

Deutz is Nimb’s house champagne and, like the beverage, which is made from the first press of the harvested Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Meunière grapes, the Nimb offers its guests only the cream of the crop.

A hop and a skip across the street is Copenhagen’s central station, conveniently waiting to whisk you off to wherever your travels may take you.

Hotel D’Angleterre: Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 Copenhagen  +45 33 12 00 9

Nimb: Bernstorffsgade 5 1577 Copenhagen +45 88 70 00 00

Alexandra Cohen travelled as a guest of the Hotel D’Angleterre and the Nimb.