Arizona Desert: Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain

There is something about the Arizona Sonoran Desert that stimulates all the senses. The sybaritic pleasures of Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain enhance the natural high.

Fine Dining with Creature Comforts

We curled up next to an over-sized fireplace in an over-sized leather club chair with an ottoman large enough to hold cocktails and small plates. A little privacy, dim lights, and even a cosy blanket complete the sense of coziness.

Culinary options highlight regional and organic cuisines; the simple tamale is transformed into a complex gastronomic sensation with so many layers of flavour we had to order a second one.

Breakfast in the CORE Kitchen & Wine Bar on a sunny patio overlooking the blooming desert enhanced expertly prepared breakfast classics.

There’s Something in the Water

Despite the desert landscape, water is a major feature at  Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain: ‘gemstone’ infused healing waters, hydrotherapy tubs, rainforest showers, and a mineral salt water pool are all on offer.

Holistic spa treatments are designed to “detoxify” (medically impossible but still sounds great), renew, realign and rebalance.

Meanwhile, Petroglyphs carved into the overlooking hillside from 300 B.C. – 1500 A.D. by the Hohokam Indians still remain and can be viewed from the 17,000 square-foot spa. Pleasure infused with history!

Spirit in the Sky and Romance in the Air

Interestingly, southern Arizona is the astronomy capital of the world. The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain’s on-site astronomer is on hand to enlighten guests as to the wonders of the cosmos.

Grab a blanket and head out into the dark and amazingly clear night. With the sound of a native American flutist playing in the distance you can get your “new age” kicks by stopping at one of the 22 fire pits and bowls.

Continue your stroll amongst 42 gas lanterns adorning the property and look up to the stars which gleam with a brilliancy impossible to observe from a big city.

Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Nails the Little Things

The recent floor-to-ceiling room makeover at the properly features acacia wood flooring and modern rustic, new furnishings and linens.

The rooms have a clean, crisp Ritz-Carlton designer feel. Fresh cedar and citrus perfumes the air.

There is a sense of magic here, inspired by the richness of its lush desert surroundings that in itself is an anomaly.

Just as the muted tones of the harsh landscape surprise with a fuchsia blossom, the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain will take your breath away at every turn.

Michelle Jones and Jeff Stern were guests of the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain resort.