The Goring: London’s Last Family Owned 5 Star Hotel

The Goring Hotel is the last five star hotel own by its original owners.

The Goring is a family affair. One of London’s last independently owned 5 star properties, the owners are fiercely dedicated to traditional hospitality, and it shows.

For the eager “staycationers,” spontaneous romantic getaways or business travellers, the Goring Hotel delivers an elegant British experience from start to finish.

From the moment we were met at the gates, staff reacted to our arrival as if we had been here before; beaming smiles and addressing us by our names made us feel instantly wanted and secure.

The classically dressed concierge who eagerly attended to us quickly became our very own secret agent for the weekend.  

The Goring Hotel Makes a Great First Impression

Centred in Belgravia, the dazzling entrance hall off the lobby features hand painted wallpaper by Fromental. Interestingly, it actually tells a story about the Goring Family who build the hotel in 1910.

Located in Belgravia central London the Goring Hotel is a family owned five star property.
The Goring’s classically dressed footmen.

Moving ahead you peer into a soft lighted bar and tea rooms with a gold leaf ceiling and an open fire where original paintings hang from the walls.

Virtually any drink is available at the bar and English tea is served during the day – tea is so popular that people book months in advance just to sample one of the Goring’s delicious home made scones.

Since it’s open 24 hours it is not unusual to see London’s suave locals enjoying a very late glass of  wine.

The tea room leads to the hotel’s small summer garden which hosted a Cornwall and boat themed party last June.

From the lobby to the left is a private dining area that has a rather breathtakingly metallic looking walls lined with rose red embroidered vines that crawl up toward the ceiling.

Go past this room and straight ahead is Chef Shay Cooper’s Michelin starred dining room where the monarchy is known to dine.

Yes, even Her Majesty the Queen has dined in this delicately painted floral themed room with pink blossom-style lighting.

The Goring is a Heritage Hotel

The Goring family like to infuse their own heritage into their property: the scenic lobby wall paper portrays an Arcadian landscape of wild and exotic beasts, a reminder of the Goring family past and present.

The original brass keys are still issued to unlock your room. Do not be surprised to find adorable little stuffed toy sheep placed (much to our excitement) around the hotel.

When you book your stay at The Goring, you’ll soon notice these little sheep may appear anywhere each holding an ounce of history, one sits by your pillow as sweet gesture and with compliments.

The Rooms

Upstairs is home to 71 cosy rooms. You can find your room behind the originally curated World War II corridors that to this day remain authentic and untouched.

Each room has a traditional, homely look but offers more bells and whistles than you’d expect at a first glance. From a control box we were able to adjust the mood lighting of the room on three settings from the bedside – on both sides.

Fabric lined walls make the room virtually sound proof and crisp white bed bed sheets completed the classic, sophisticated ambiance of the room.

In the morning, our breakfast arrived and was served to us by a polite maid dressed as if she had just come straight from the film, Atonement and addressing us by our names, of course, she said “good morning.”

A must-have is the deliciously satisfying cinnamon toast which comes recommended with the Full English breakfast. This was a good choice that went well with the silver pots of hot coffee and hot chocolate.

The Royal Suite

We were fortunate enough to have a private tour of the hotel which included a peak at The Royal Suite, which starts at circa £8,400 a night.

When Kate Middleton stayed here, the floor was out of bounds to the public.

The Goring Hotel Belgravia suite is a luxurious five star room.
The suite life at the Goring Hotel.

The elaborate decoration and the level of craftsmanship and maintenance that goes into this hotel, especially in this suite, is remarkable.

The preserved walls of the royal suite have striking upholstered wall coverings, some of which belonged to the First Class Dining Room of RMS Titanic 1912.

A grand piano, a table for six guest and hand-picked antiques give the room an opulent yet cozy feel with Georgian glassware and decanters.

Concealed within the many cabinets and glassware displays is a unique collection of royal artefacts — handwritten letters and stationery to military regalia.

The bathroom is known to be the only place where royalty will watch you shower – a life-size portrait of Her Majesty Queen Victoria hangs in the shower of the master bathroom.

On the last day of our short weekend away at The Goring it would not be wrong to say that we were sad to leave.

The Goring Hotel

15 Beeston Place London, SW1W

Tel: +020 3820 5264

Jessica Patterson stayed as a guest of the Goring Hotel.